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  • TEKA Illumination

    TEKA Illumination luminaires are manufactured from Copper and Bronze with Brass and Stainless Steel used for structural components and fasteners. These materials possess timeless beauty and are extraordinarily resistant to the numerous environments that create natural “weathering” over time.
  • Tersen

    TERSEN’s purpose is to add value by creating lighting systems that are relevant to both day and night-time designs. Architectural LED Performance lighting for pedestrian, parking, building & landscape.
  • TFT Transfotec International

    With constant innovations and unique and patented cutting-edge technologies, TFT Transfotec contributes to the realization of remarkable architectural projects.
  • Times Square Lighting

    Architectural and Stage lighting.
  • Tivoli

    Manufacturer of a complete line of linear micro lamp (LED) lighting systems for theatre & entertainment venues.
  • TLS International

    TLS International is an experienced company with innovative high quality products that meet any surface lighting challenges you or your client have. With high standard development sectors and out of the box thinking designers and engineers, TLS International offers a ground breaking solutions to any surface regardless of its shape.