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  • Manning Lighting

    Architectural commercial scale pendants & sconces in distinctive styles & church lighting.
  • Mark Architectural Lighting

    Indirect/Direct, Recessed, Suspended, Surface Luminaires, Specification Grade architectural lighting.
  • Metal Lux

    Metal Lux has proudly reached its 43-year business. Throughout the years, the company has successfully innovated and renewed, creating top-quality design products that are highly specialized in different artisanal skills. Luminaires are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art design systems and cutting-edge metalworking equipment.
  • Metalumen

    METALUMEN is a lighting fixture manufacturer which supplies a wide array of indirect, direct and indirect/direct FL & LED lighting systems. Uniquely engineered products offer distinguished product designs, outstanding photometric performance and ease of installation which complement today’s architecture, interior design styles and construction schedules. Whether you are working on a school, office facility, media lab, library, corridor, research lab or transportation station, Metalumen’s product variety will help meet the desired design parameters.
  • Moda Light

    Moda Light is perpetually looking to push the boundaries of design, function and innovation. As a global power in the Solid State Lighting Industry, they are at the forefront of a cutting edge technology.
  • Modern Forms

    A WAC Lighting Company.