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  • Healthcare Lighting

    Innovative designs, superior manufacturing capabilities and in-house electronics division that allows to design and manufacture lighting systems that transform the patient room into an environment that can aid in the healing process. A subsidiary of Acuity Brands.
  • Heper

    Thanks to their design, material quality and manufacturing technology, our products are now adding more value to the modern cities of the world. We are beautifying the buildings, squares, streets, recreational areas, sports and airports, which at the end makes them vivid & full of life.
  • Holophane

    The company provides lighting systems for commercial, industrial, emergency and outdoor applications. The hallmark of Holophane luminaires is the borosilicate glass reflector/refractor. The glass prisms provide a combination of uplight and downlight to illuminate any environment evenly without creating dark spots or glare.
  • Hydrel

    In-Grade lighting, pathway& accent lighting, underwater. Landscape lighting & Precision flood lighting.